Books and Catalogues

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Articles and Reviews

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Carter Ratcliff, 'Jan Harrison's Dream Animals,' Review of solo exhibition, ANIMULA - big little soul, 11 Jane St. Art Center, in Hyperallergic, October 3, 2020.
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Lynn Woods, Jan Harrison’s thoroughly modern surrealism, Article and Interview, Kingston Times/Hudson Valley One, 2019.

Lynn Woods, "Shelter" at White Pines, Article in Hudson Valley One, Art & Music, on exhibition curated by Melinda Stickney-Gibson, of outdoor sculpture and installations, at historic White Pines, Byrdcliffe, July 3, 2022.

Lynn Woods, Sculpture in the Village Marks Springtime in Saugerties, Hudson Valley One, Review of ISDay International Sculpture Exhibition, April 19, 2018.

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